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I’m Suzanne...

I help dyslexic students find their strengths.

The name Thinkpix comes from the fact that dyslexic learners think in pictures. Covering Greater Manchester, I help students to achieve their full potential academically by harnessing and embracing the strengths that come with dyslexia.


I have a masters in dyslexia backed up with years of hands on experience.

My MA in dyslexia and extensive training, combined with my own experience as a parent of a dyslexic young person, means I approach teaching with empathy as well as a research and evidence-based background.

I’ve developed innovative ways of teaching dyslexic learners and I’m always encouraging: helping learners achieve their potential.

Why Choose Me

My Services

I offer dyslexia assessments, 121 tutoring and teacher training

Dyslexia Assessments

Without conducting assessments, we can only guess from outward behaviours. Often, behaviours are misleading so a formal diagnosis can be a helpful starting point.

121 Tutoring

I can provide tutoring within the school environment or at my home. The first thing I do is to build self-esteem by aligning myself with the student’s perspective.

Teacher Training

I aim to provide the science behind teaching approaches and also offer creative, practical solutions for teachers that help them reach all learners.


What My Clients Say

I just wanted to let you know, again, just what a difference you have made to T. He’s full of confidence, reading aloud every night, standing up for himself... he even joined in with football today!! I could cry I'm so proud and grateful for him finding his way through the work you did with him!

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