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About Me

Based in Greater Manchester, I have experience of dyslexia as a parent and as a specialist teacher, which means I can approach teaching with both empathy and academic rigour.

About Me

How my journey began

I became interested in dyslexia when I realised my eldest son was dyslexic. I knew my son was smart – he was a very curious toddler. It was only once he entered formal education that his difficulties became apparent. I saw dyslexia as a difference rather than a disadvantage. A real turning point for me was reading ‘The gift of Dyslexia’ by Ronald D Davis.

About Me

I started working at my son’s school first as a 1-1 Teaching Assistant , then became trained in reading interventions and other small group work. When working in classrooms, I began to see why some children struggle with maths and I developed my understanding through research and practice. I carried out TA3 training and then did my MA in dyslexia. In the three years of study, I qualified to teach and assess learners with Dyslexia.

Since becoming qualified, I have developed the assessment side of my practice. During COVID, I started teaching online and started supporting dyslexic University students online too.

I also delivered training for Facebook groups and travelled to deliver spelling training to schools around the country.

I’m on a mission to ensure that all dyslexic learners can reach their full potential

Through my work, I aim to inform parents and teachers about strategies that may help dyslexic students to learn and thrive. 

I started working in schools as a TA supporting reading, literacy and maths. After my MA in SpLD (dyslexia) we made an award winning documentary about dyslexia and I won an award for my blog on letter formation. In 2019 we went to speak to a Government Department about dyslexia.

I have delivered many other training events for teachers on spelling, working memory and metacognition (thinking about thinking).

Learning With Me

I take the time to understand and connect with my students, working at their pace. I seek to identify their strengths to help them understand how they learn best. I am committed to making the sessions fun and engaging whilst also ensuring I do everything possible to ensure progress. 

Aside from learning with students, I aim to actively listen to families about the best way to support their children as I find that progress can be made more quickly when the whole family is considered and engaged.

Outside of teaching, I love yoga and am a trained children’s yoga teacher. I’m happy walking our dog Bridie, and in my element camping. Reading has always been a passion of mine and is the ultimate escape.

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