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Carefully chosen resources can be a revelation for dyslexic learners

Need help with handwriting

It is normal for someone with dyslexia to have handwriting difficulties, find Lois Addy’s handwriting guide here

Learn words as pictures

Someone with dyslexia cannot picture how words look. Help them access this skill by making the word into a picture. You can download it here

Expanded noun phrases

Some of the school writing targets can seem complicated, break the task down into steps as shown. You can download it here

Sketchnote templates

Dyslexic learners learn best when they have visuals to support learning, try these templates for story planning: You can download it here

Spell Well poster

Spelling is about so much more than the sounds you can hear, this poster encourages students to think about the steps to spelling success. You can download it here

Learning With Me

I take the time to understand and connect with my students, working at their pace and understanding their strengths in order to really get the best out of them. I am committed to making the sessions fun and engaging whilst also ensuring I do everything I can to help students progress. 

Aside from working with students directly I aim to really listen to families about the best way to support their children as I find that progress can be made more quickly when the whole family is considered and engaged.

Outside of teaching, I love to do yoga and am a trained children’s yoga teacher. I love to go walking with our dog Bridie and to go camping. Reading has always been a passion of mine and is the ultimate escape.

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