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As a dyslexia teacher and mum, my aim is to support those with dyslexia. I am particularly interested in helping class teachers to get a better understanding of this rather abstract and complex difference. Sadly, dyslexic strengths often only appear after school. My dream would be for dyslexic children to thrive in school, both emotionally and academically. They can learn, if they can do it differently.

I’ve used the name ‘thinkpix’ because when my eldest son was around 5 years old, he told me ‘I have a picture for everything’. I read ‘The Gift of Dyslexia’ shortly after and everything fell into place: why he was struggling at school, had been late to talk (3 years), could never remember nursery rhymes and had never been interested in the alphabet!

My first blog is on identifying dyslexia in the classroom.

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  1. Hi Suzanne

    at the Spelling course in Stokesley recently you offered to share the handwriting 8 sheet with the cursive script. Would love to have it if that’s ok – I can think of a few children who would benefit immediately.

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