I'm a dyslexia teacher and mum. I love books and learning. I'm an advocate for dyslexic strengths!

Picture It

Dyslexics are in the main visual thinkers. Most knowledge and thoughts are stored as pictures or in image form and time is needed to translate these into words.  People with dyslexia typically forget what they hear and are poor auditory learners, however, they remember what they see and once something is known it is not …

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Metacognition: what it is and why it matters.

Metacognition is not new and is simply thinking about thinking. ‘Metacognition means “thinking about one’sown thinking”. There are two aspects of metacognition: –reflection- thinking about what we know and self-regulation managing how we go about learning. Taking together, theseprocesses make up an important aspect of learning anddevelopment. Developing these metacognitive abilities is notsimply about becoming …

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Is reading like riding a bike?

  I’ve been following the ongoing phonics debate in Australia with interest. Many parents are calling for the introduction of the Phonics Screening Check (PSC) and state Education Ministers are opposing it. Is phonics a panacea? Introduced in 2012, can we categorically say the PSC has been a success? Children are still failing to learn …

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Guided Spelling: spelling between the desks.

  Guided spelling or ‘Spelling between the desks’, is a new concept of mine! Informed in part by mine and others’ approaches to maths. We are essentially trying to get inside the mind of the student to help to guide and explore their own thinking, in order to model HOW to think analytically about spelling. …

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