Harnessing visual skills in spelling

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

People that are good spellers can picture how words look.

Whilst dyslexics typically have strong visual abilities (in design and creative fields) this does not extend to orthographic memory (memory for how words look). There are lots of ways you can try to tap into a strong visual skill:

Mindmapping words connected by a shared sound.

Exploring the etymology/history of a word and presenting it visually.

Small High Frequency Words can be tricky because, often abstract, they may not readily be visualised.

Using etymology to show how some words are linked in meaning but not in sounds.

Addressing confusions between words.

When orthography (spelling pattern) is irregular e.g., ‘or’ = /er/

High Frequency Words that are confused – try making an animated video.

Experimenting with stop animation.

Using playdough in video making.

Open syllables explained, using letters.

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